Compare Personal Loans

Compare Personal Loans

Anyone who wants to get a personal loan through a bank in Germany can not avoid a Private credit query and a Private credit entry if the loan is granted. Even small blemishes in the Private credit file can prevent the granting of a loan. In addition, especially in the area of ​​Private credit-free loans, there are a lot of black sheep trying to exploit the customer and, for example, working with horrendous interest rates. The best alternative to this potentially disappointing path is called bon credit.

  • Crediter provides serious loans without Private credit for 40 years.
  • No Private credit information is required to check the creditworthiness and the loans are paid out without a Private credit entry.
  • Lending is kept strictly confidential. Neither employer nor house bank learns something from the credit without Private credit.
  • Thus, loans from Crediter are the perfect side-loan, with no effect on existing or future loans.
  • One receives only credits without Vorkosten. That means, the quotation does not cost a cent.
  • In addition, Crediter offers a telephone hotline that can be consulted by experts on loans, terms and other topics at any time.

It opens a window where you can specify in detail what loan you are looking for. So amount and duration, desired rates and even different preferences, such as low rates or low interest rates. Within just one day, Crediter will give you exactly the loan offers that fit your preferences and take your time to look for the best option for yourself. This complete process is free, regardless of whether a credit agreement actually comes about. If you opt for a loan selected by Crediter, you fill out the necessary documents and send them back to Crediter. The speed at which this step is completed is therefore also dependent on the customer. Now Crediter is reviewing the request. That is, it ensures that the customer’s income is sufficient to cover the loan and that there are no serious problems (for example, debt collection procedures) on the customer’s side. If the application has been successfully checked, the money is in the shortest time in the account. 

loan Test winner Crediter is by no means only an emergency solution if other banks have already denied a loan. Crediter also offers many advantages on its own

  • Cre-free personal loans from Crediter are a quick, uncomplicated affair. You are also never harassed by agents by phone or at home. The whole process runs online and by mail.
  • Everything happens completely anonymously. There is no Private credit entry, nor is the employer or the house bank aware of the loan. Thus, a personal loan offers via Cre Loan perfect as a subsidiary loan.
  • The loan request is free of charge, there are no pre-payments and even if the offers from Crediter should not suit, there are no costs.
  • A Cre Loan commission only accrues when a loan offer is accepted and disbursed.