Loans and Transfer for Pensioners

Loans and Transfer for Pensioners

Loans and Assignment for Pensioners

Do you need new liquidity and are you a pensioner? Not a problem, We can help you! Make your dreams come true without braking from the age of the registry. Discover the loans suitable for you, from small to higher figures. Discover us, which has been operating in this sector for over ten years, helping its customers in difficulty, in an indifferent way throughout Italy. Ask for a free consultation and / or a free estimate by filling out this form : Click here and fill out the contact form now, entrust it to our experts! You will receive a call from an expert advisor within 24 hours of the application.

Loans and Assignment of the Fifth for pensioners: What are we talking about?

The pensioners can choose between two modes of loan according to their age. The personal loans are in fact granted on condition that the duration does not exceed the age of 75 years of age of the applicant when the contract expires. For all pensioners, however, who have already reached 75 years of age, you can request, instead of personal loans, the assignment of the fifth pensioners for pensioners. In addition to the possibility of deferred payment up to 120 months , then ten years, the assignment of the fifth pensioner pension proposed by Isocredit allows the application of a term of up to 85 years of age when the fifth retirement contract for pensioners expires. . You can request in this way up to 30000 euros and as a guarantee there will be your income that must be at least equal to 600 euros per month.

Loans and Transfer for pensioners: Who can apply for funding?

In addition, the assignment of the fifth to retirees allows to obtain credit, even if reported in crif, experian or ctc as bad payers, protested or distrained. Isocredit’s transfer of the fifth pension to offers the possibility of obtaining credit, even if there are several personal loans in progress that preclude the possibility of requesting other personal loans, or because they are too recent, or because they commit a large part of the monthly pension. Even in the case of recent waste caused by the signature of guarantor made to a friend or relative, Isocredit can help you with liquidity. The assignment of the fifth pensioners allows you to obtain good liquidity up to € 30000 with an installment of up to one fifth of the monthly pension, less yes, but higher no and the assignment of the fifth does not require any guarantee signature.

Loans and Transfer of the Fifth for pensioners: How can I request it?

Requesting loans for retirees or transfer of the fifth with Isocredit is very simple and fast! You can do everything comfortably online from your home pc or your smartphone. How? Just enter some personal data within our form and within 24 hours our expert advisor will be at your disposal for advice , feasibility of the loan and / or assignment of the fifth and a free and without obligation. Here is the link that will take you to the page for the loan request that you require: Click here and fill out the contact form now, entrusted to our experts! Then to continue with the practice, for a detailed estimate the necessary documents will be: cud, identity card and social security number.