More competition on the mortgage loan market

More competition on the mortgage loan market

This is good news for future homeowners. Because there is now much more competition on the mortgage loan market, the interest rates remain low for the time being. Show that the average mortgage loan interest rate for new mortgage loans is currently 2.8 percent and 4.16 percent for existing mortgage loans.

Banks get a smaller market share mortgage loan market

The Vereniging Eigen Huis is also pleased: ‘The extra margin that the banks achieved on mortgage loans has declined from 1 percent to 0.2 percent in the past year,’ says Hans de la Porte of the VEH. ‘Those high margins could reach the banks because there was hardly any competition. The three major banks hold 85 percent of the market. And foreign competitors have all left during the crisis. But now they are returning and the insurers and pension funds are also becoming more active. ‘

Banks are not happy with new developments within the mortgage loan market

Naturally, the banks are less happy with this. In particular, Rabobank is still considering whether they want to continue offering mortgage loans: ‘If this continues, we are considering completely stopping mortgage loans. Then we only mediate for the buyer and they have to take out the mortgage loan with an insurer or pension fund. We will then charge a fee for mediation, ‘says financial CEO Bert Bruggink of Rabobank. Other banks, such as the SNS, are slightly more nuanced about this: ‘That the margin goes down is just that. That is of all times, ” says Maurice Oostendorp, CEO at SNS Bank. ‘But mortgage loans are the cornerstone of our bank.’